Nikon D6 announced

Nikon has officially unveiled its professional D6 DSLR and revealed the price and release date, after first teasing the camera in September. As expected, the emphasis is on speed and autofocus accuracy, though it falls short of… Read More »Nikon D6 announced

Property photography

Photogold offers a full range of property photography services . We can offer property photography for private and business customers in central Scotland. Photogold can supply professional property photography services including interior and exterior pictures… Read More »Property photography

Ebay product photos

Photogold can supply Ebay product photos for businesses . How much does it cost? Photo costs No. of photos Cost (each) 100+ photos £9.50 50 – 99 photos £10.50 36 – 49 photos £12.50 26… Read More »Ebay product photos

Photogold Ecommerce Solutions

Welcome to Photogold ecommerce solutions. We can offer ecommerce design solutions for small businesses. Photogold specialises in photography, art and shopping websites and business blog design . Our standard platform for blogs is Wordpress .